30 octobre 2017 / Arts divers, Vidéo

In Absentia


« Deliberating various imposed standards, Vermibus has built a recognizable oeuvre, which culminates with his project entitled “In Absentia”. Works from the project unveil another introspective layer of Vermibus’ work, where macrocosms of consumerism intertwine with microcosms of the artist’s subjective journey into the depths of the self. The project began with the creation of 21 solvent-based posters, each of them bearing an individual inspiration and significance, hidden in the title. As a crown of the series, Vermibus produced an atmospheric video, an autonomous work of art, a clear step forward from the documentary short films he was creating to date. “In Absentia” video is a brooding visual tale about urban life, cleared of every and any distraction, including people, alluding to a plethora of issues the citizens face daily, from visual pollution to personal loneliness. Inspired by one of the biggest subway systems in Europe, the Parisian Metro, the artist installed all the posters on the scene, where the video was shot as well. Asking some of the crucial questions about present reality in the post-truth world, “In Absentia” opened a possibility to observe Vermibus’ work in broader context, surpassing the realm of public urban art. »


Réalisation et artwork : Vermibus
Vidéo : Xar Lee

30 août 2017 / Musique, Vidéo


WESTSIDEGUNN in SUMMERSLAM 88 (prod. by Your Old Droog)
Starring: Mickie Moscoto

30 novembre 2016 / Vidéo

Classic car freestyle young boy

via @Ahdamia

8 août 2016 / Bassedef, Vidéo

Oiseaux à la grise robe

Petit hommage à Benoît Poelvoorde dans « C’est arrivé près de chez vous ».
« Pigeon, oiseau à la grise robe, dans l’enfer des villes, à mon regard tu te dérobes, tu es vraiment le plus agile. »

Slow motion réalisé au jardin des Tuileries, Paris, juin 2016.

30 octobre 2015 / Vidéo

Affiches de films animées

Réalisation de Pablo Fernández Eyre

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